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Raji: Monthly Digest (April)

Dear friends,

This is the Monthly Digest for March 2019.

April month started with awesome news!

Our game has made it onto the ID@Xbox list of new titles and will be shown at EGXRezzed! Wow!

We're very happy that the Xbox team has taken an interest in Raji and will present it alongside other exciting new games from all over the world.

Mahabalasura fears no man - and yet, this little girl terrifies him!

Check out our trailer of Raji: An Ancient Epic, made exclusively for GDC 2019!

How about a backflip and destroy some demons? Raji, the action movie star!

It's time to be interactive again!

We are working on the design for the king's costume and want you to let us know which costume number you like best!

An unique attack with #wallrun technique. Powerful and beautiful. Even fabulous!

Be careful, danger may be waiting for you anywhere.

Today we've got another short development video for you to enjoy, but before that, we want to say a big thank you to everyone that replied to the king's costume poll. The community spirit that you all constantly display is inspiring!

Now for the video. The Mahinasura are fast moving demons that will relentlessly chase down their opponents. Raji will have to be quick on her feet to survive and defeat them!

If you are a fan of the music found in Raji: An Ancient Epic, we have got a treat for you over on Soundcloud.

In the past, we uploaded some of our soundtracks, so let's revisit them, starting with the track titled 'Lament'

So sit back, crack up the volume and enjoy!

And Ma Durga told Raji... "Trust in me child and you will see this trouble through. Let all of your fears go...." Check out 3D picture exclusively on Facebook!

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