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Raji: An Ancient Epic Newsletter#4

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Welcome to our fourth newsletter, we are now live on Kickstarter!

We need your support!

It's been 10 months since we ventured into indie game development. With Raji: An Ancient Epic in mind, we poured in our heart, soul and blood to the game.

Today we proudly stand at this moment of truth, where you, the fans of the game will decide the fate of the game.

Head over to our campaign and lend us your support and get it sharing with your friends and family.

We have an early bird pledge available for all our fans, it will last only for 2 more hoursand is limited only to 1500 pledges!

Kickstarter Campaign Page

Kickstarter Gameplay Trailer

Playable 20 minute demo walkthrough

We released a 20 minute playable demo with our campaign! You can watch the play through or play the demo. 

Download the free demo from Steam

Download the free demo from Indie DB

Download the free demo from Itch. IO

We received 95% yes on Square Enix Collective! We thank the community of Square Enix for their generous compliments and feedback.

Until The Next Update

Your support in during the first 48 hours matters the most, please get the campaign sharing among your friends and family. Spread the word!

Cheers, Nodding Heads Games

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