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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

We had waited for over two years to visit Rajasthan as a team. Not only because of its significance to Raji, it's the cultural diversity, the art, the music, the many flavors of foods, the hive of activity. And It’s been a challenge to say the least getting some of the team to one place after all these years of struggle. Hence, we began our trip began in the Pink city of Jaipur.

Amer Fort, it was completed in 1599 ADt and took 25 years.

Amber fort referred as Amer fort was the first location we visited in Jaipur. Amidst all the chaos stood this ageless beauty in all of its glory. We were in awe of the grandeur, it’s simplicity, yet larger than life architecture. The sheer scale was intimidating, the fort walls snaked over the mountains in to the distance as far as the eye could see.

Fascinating architecture made of red sandstone.

The magnificent monument of Amber fort is a timeless beauty. Both the exteriors and interiors left us all awestruck, appreciating the craftsmanship of the ancient artisans of our country. The artists, musicians and designers, be it textitles to stonemanes left a huge impact, heartfelt and an eagerness to get back to the studio so we could start implementing what we had witnessed in our upcoming work for Raji.

Our sound designer Linos is jamming and admiring a local maestro, both of them using the traditional local instrument Ravanhatta

The Nodding heads gang - kings and queens for a few minutes. This is the special diwali room for the royal family of Jaipur.

Day 2 on to our next destination - City Palace of Jaipur. The magnificent interiors, richness of culture, the grandeur, the intensity of colours and precious gems transported us to a different era altogether. Each corner and gem stone were crafted to perfection. All we could think of is “ this needs to go in the game”..

This beautiful blue room is perfect example of the use of colours. In ancient times the royals would use these rooms in summers, where the cool colours brought the temperature down. The patterns and intricate details, simply put…. mind blowing. Worth the visit.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which is the most glittery room of all?

When we arrived into this particular room, lights were turned off, in the pitch of darkness a couple of candles were lit. Again, we were marveled with what we saw, the roof turned into cluster of stars. Indeed, magic was felt!

And that’s us again, right in front of the Jaipur City Palace at one of the most beautifully carved doors!

Couple of clicks right after the “Kathputli” show. These are handcrafted and are must see when visiting Rajasthan.

Onwards to our next destination, there we were in the beautiful lake city of Udaipur. Known as the Venice of India, this city is love at first sight.

Avichal, Linos and Anirudh sitting by the beautiful lakeside of Pichola. Everyone was immersed in doing something creative, either sketching the breathtaking view of Lake Palace or playing music.

Udaipur City Palace was a sight to behold.

Every corner of the palace was picture perfect with a clear blue sky as backdrop.

As usual the artists i.e Anirudh and Shruti were busy collecting references for Raji.

These timeless paintings adorn the walls of the palace from centuries.

An absolute stunning shot of lake Pichola from the interiors of the Palace.

We watched the sun go down while we were on the boat on Lake Pichola. It’s one of the most spectacular sight we have seen. The beauty and peaceful nature of Udaipur is something we’ll never forget. There was no better way to end our two days stay at Udaipur than this picturesque sight.

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