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Raji: An Ancient Epic Newsletter#2

Newsletter #2 Welcome to our second newsletter


Recently we revealed an attack combo from the game, we were glad to see an overwhelming positive reaction on this GIF. Below you can also see a comparison which we had just a couple of months ago.

Also, our first demon has been revealed, who's known as  "Gadasura" The name translates to "Mace Demon", these giants are walking siege engines, they can wreck havoc through the front line of any enemy they face. Gadasura belongs to an ancient race of demons who excel in mace combat. Needless to say, this mace demon is a challenging adversary for Raji.

Our small art team has been kept quite busy in the past two months, they've been working towards the in-game environment. Needless to say, it's a result of many sleepless nights. Do check out the video below. 

In-Game Environment Video

In-Game Screenshots

Initial Environment Sketches

Environment Concept Art

Live On Twitch and Discord

We did our first LIVE stream! If you're interested in making of Raji please follow our TWITCH channel

If you're interested in talking about the game or engaging with members of the community  and developers then come and join us at our DISCORD channel.

Love from Unreal Engine and Indie DB

It's great to have our work re-tweeted by the amazing folks at Unreal Engine and Indie DB, this helps us out to spread the word and we've gained hundreds of fans due to the tweets! We thank them for supporting us.

Until Next Time

We're just couple of months away from our Kickstarter campaign. Please spread the word, we'll need all the help..thanks for reading :) 

Cheers, Nodding Heads Games

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