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Raji: An Ancient Epic Newsletter#3

Newsletter #3 Welcome to our third newsletter

Live On Square Enix Collective, 30 days to Kickstarter!

During these last couple of months, we've been at it all day and night. All together so we can make Raji a better game than what it was yesterday. We proudly present you our Square Enix Collective trailer today.

This is a major milestone for the project, we'd like you to cast your vote on Square Enix Collective on the following link. Get it sharing with your friends and family, we are literally 30 days from launching on Kickstarter, if the project interests you,please RSVP on our launch event on Facebook.

We will highly appreciate if you leave feedback on the page, so we can continue working towards a better game.


We've been working towards our demo, we've had two internal playtests and are constantly iterating the design of the game. Recently we revealed a combat video. Do have a look below.

Combat Reveal Video, Part 1

Concept Art

30 Days to Kickstarter!!

We're a month away from our release. If you'd like to show your support on our campaign, do RSVP on our Facebook Event.

Until The Launch Day

We hope you enjoyed our trailer and all the content we've put to this newsletter and the Square Enix Collective page, spreading the word is now more important than ever. Show our trailer to your friends and family, gather everyone, as we get closer to our launch! 

Cheers, Nodding Heads Games

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