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Defeat the demon-lord of Mahabalasura

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Hi all, it's Monday which means we have an exciting new game on the Collective feedback platform, this week we are pleased to have Raji: An Ancient Epic by Nodding Head Games which merges action and adventure with a mysterious setting in Ancient India.

Raji: An Ancient Epic follows the story of Raji, who is determined to find her little brother and bring peace to the human realm which has been besieged by a demonic invasion.  As this epic unfolds you'll witness firsthand how Raji evolves through the atrocities of war and the personal loss of loved ones. Only once she takes it upon herself to end the chaos beset by the demon lord Mahabalasura can she hope to bring peace to humanity.

The main focus of combat within Raji is to blend the fluidity of movement and attacks to ensure the player avoids taking damage from the wide variety of enemies you'll face. Players will have the ability to call upon a god of their choosing to favour them within battles, with each of them providing you with a variety of different powers which can be utilised within the weapons of your choosing, allowing you to adapt your tactics for the situation at hand. 

If you're interested in the ancient world of Raji and want to lean more you can head over to the Collective page now to talk to the developers and leave some feedback. 

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